Bougrier Loire Valley Anjou '07

Country: France
Thoughts: This time, the wine didn't fail. I did. Miserably so. First off, I had all my notes from the Sunday night tasting; yet here it is, Tuesday, and I'm only posting now. (In truth, it completely slipped my mind on Sunday; on Monday, I was barely awake enough to turn on the computer. But we all know what excuses are like...) On a second front, I failed to figure out just what the varietal is. The label lists the AOC as Anjou; but trying to pin down specifically what that means is more work than I'm in the mood for. Still, if we believe Terroir-France.com, it's either chenin blanc, sauvignon or chardonnay. It could be two of the three - I'm eliminating sauvignon because it didn't have any of the give-aways - but beyond that, I'm not sure. Anyway, the bouquet was crisp and sharp and attention-grabbing, aided by a fine fruitiness. On the tongue, it had some pinot-grigio-like citrus notes with a dry finish. It wasn't anything breathtaking, but a solid drink that definitely rates as a do-over.
Do-over? Only if I can figure out what the grape is
Final Grade: B

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