Greg Norman Chardonnay '05

Country: Australia
Thoughts: Welcome to our first Aussie chard. But really, it made sense; Greg Norman had an astounding second-place finish at the British Open and played quite well in a tournament after that, if I remember right. So it seemed the perfect time to give his wine a ride. The bouquet seemed to have a hint of mineral to it and some floweriness as well, all in a subtle but noticeable nose. When wine hit tongue, I discovered a slightly dry wine that was also plenty smooth. That one particular taste of chardonnay - the best I can do is liken it to what I imagine the color silver would taste like - only came through on the finish. It was a little surprising to find that telltale taste so late, but reassuring to find it was there. It remained quite dry throughout the taste, but that worked just fine for me. Very drinkable.
Do-over? If it's on sale, sure
Final Grade: B-

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