Chadds Ford Niagara '06

Country: USA
Region: Pennsylvania
Thoughts: I know it's never going to happen, but I keep trying to prove to my wife that east coast wines are at least serviceable. That's how I arrived at this Chadds Ford offering; it's a Pennsylvania wine - in an area just west of Philly, unlike my hometown, which is well north - and one that had been rated in Wine Spectator. I picked it up a liquor store (those damn stringent rules in Pa.) during a recent trip home. But the truth is, I actually tried this wine several days ago. "Sweet and grapey Concord type white," the brief description reads on the Chadds Ford Web site. I can confirm that it is sweet and that it is grapey; waaaayyyy too much for my liking. I mentioned to my wife that if Glade had a grape bathroom scent, it would smell something like the nose on this one. The grapiness was overpowering, made worse by an undercurrent of sourness, almost like part of it had skunked. On the tongue it was syrupy sweet; too much for me a few days ago, too much for me this evening - even after a bit of ice cream. The taste clearly wasn't for me; beyond that, there was really no experience with the wine - though perhaps that's a function of being a dessert wine, as this is. But since it fails in that regard, combined with the unbearable sweetness, gives this a low grade. I swear, sweetheart, I'll keep trying. href="http://wine-trial.blogspot.com/2008/06/stags-leap-karia-chardonnay-05.html">
Do-over? Not a chance
Final Grade: D+

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