Ca Montini Pinot Grigio

Country: Italy
Thoughts: I've never seen this wine before; surely the riesling-type bottle would have jumped out to me, particularly if it were in the pinot grigio section (or, just as likely, my memory is going to hell). But it was offered to me at a Saturday afternoon baby shower, and who was I to decline? Our host even had a listing of internet comments, hinting at what was to come. The word that kept popping up in the comments was minerality, or some form thereof. And really, it was a spot on description; that flavor made it self known from the start, rather unusual from what one typically expects with a pinot. It played nicely into a nose that was fresh, not dissimilar from one would expect to smell on a spring morning (it sound stupid, but it's the best I can do with it). On the tongue, it seemed to be subtle, with only the minerality shining through; though I guessed - as it turned out, correctly - that a few glasses of King Estate had something to do with that (more on that in a sec). I rinsed out the glass and washed off my tongue; it was then that a more typical pinot profile. The mineral flavor remained, as did a surprising carmel finish. The nose may be reminiscent of spring, but it's a wine that would serve well all throughout the summer.
Do-over? Yes, I can see it in our future
Final Grade: B+

-- NOW, AS PROMISED: Another of the selections was the King Estate Pinot Gris from Oregon. I had originally given it a less-than-stellar review, but that was for the '06 vintage. On Saturday, I tried the '07, and the experience improved. The bouquet was virtually unnoticeable except for a few hints of vanilla. The taste was the biggest difference, coming through like your normal pinot gris/pinot grigio with dry underpinnings and a sparkly finish. Since the wine had already been reviewed, I felt it wise to only include the vintage update, not a completely new post. I'd be willing to give the newer vintage a boost, so give the '07 a straight B.

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