Bougrier Loire Valley Rose d'Anjou '07

Country: France
Thoughts: Look and sound familiar? It should. (If you're clicking the link, check the timestamp between this post and the linked one.) Same winemaker, same vintage, same appellation. In that last post, however, you'll recall I had a hell of a time trying to determine just what the AOC meant for an Anjou wine. Most of my Google results came up with references to Rose d'Anjou, though none really seemed to explain just which grapes make up this particular drink; Velvet Fog says one he tried was a blend of Grolleau and Gamay. So at least I may have figured that part out. Anyway, my version was pretty straightforward; strawberries stood out in an otherwise very light nose. They were in the taste too, but againin a light way. The finish was slightly louder - really, it seemed like a primal scream by comparison - and left a dry aftertaste. Kelly Magyarics, our Virginia neighbor, says that's what I should expect from such a wine. But it was too timid and one-dimensional for my liking. It was perfectly fine for someone used to abundant citrus in wine, but lacked greatly in the experience rating.
Do-over? Only if I can match it up with the extremely rare Cheverny Reddi-Wip '07
Final Grade: C+

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