Banrock Station Chardonnay '07

Country: Australia
Thoughts: I'm proud to say two similar - both solid picks - yet different chards top the list tonight. First, an offering from our friends down under. A floral nose with nice balance opened the drink; it wasn't too sweet, not too grapy, just comfortably pleasant. The taste was just on the cusp between light and moderate fruitiness; in other words, precisely what one would expect from a chard. The finish was also on the light side, but it was certainly there, though not an explosion - again, most likely what you'd expect from a chard. There's something to be said about wines that live up to the standard of what a grape should be. And while I don't pretend to be some expert on the grape generally - and particularly not how it's grown Down Under - I found this to be a very good example of what a chard, at least in my opinion, should be.
Do-over? I would have no problem with that
Final Grade: B+

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