Covey Run Gewurztraminer '05

Country: USA
Region: Washington
Thoughts: This wine sat in the fridge for a long time; it predated the fridge, I think. So I left it to my wife to pick out a wine, and this is what she came up with, a Washington gewurzwhateverthehellitis. Wiki comes through, as usual, to explain how this grape got its, uh, challenging name. And I, apparently mistaken, thought it was pronounced Gur-wurs-TRAM-in-er; my wife tells me it's Gur-Wurs-tra-MEEN-er. Not like I'm German and know how to sound out this stuff... Anyway, I don't know much about gewurztraminer, heretofore known as that grape, but I know it's on the sweeter end with rieslings. "It's a great apertif," my wife said, again showing that her considerable vocabulary skills. She said apertif as I was taking my first sip; in a moment of alliteration, my first thought was "apple." That's what came out to me in the wine; the nose was similar to your average pinot grigio, but the taste lacked that dominant citrus taste. What was left, then, seemed to be in the same ballpark as apple juice. So my wife was right, it'd be a fine pre-dinner drink; though I liked the taste, I bumped the grade down for a lack of adventurousness. Still, it was pretty solid and something new to me and to our grand experiment here.
Do-over? In the right situation, yes
Final Grade: B-

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