Menage a Trois '07

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: Thanks, as always, to my wonderful wife who assisted in photography (well, if what we do passes as photography). (I know you can't tell, but about 15 minutes lapsed between sentences here. I was going to make a reference to the current Ford commercials - can't find a link - with Denis Leary that say if you own a truck, it's probably not because you're a hand model. Given my wife's family's ties to Ford, it was apropos. Instead, YouTube only brought up Leary's old stand-up bits like this and this - NSFW for language, by the way - which distracted me. Smoke 'em if you got 'em!) Anyway, back to the wine, however un-Learyish it may be. The bouquet was sweet and grapy, but it faded quickly, so it was tough to figure out what else was there. Even after I let the drink sit for a few minutes, the nose barely registered. Once I swished the wine around the tongue, it came across sweet; it was my first drink of the night, so the first sip was appallingly sweet. Fortunately, it mellowed after that and became a nice, relaxing drink. The finish was there, but it barely had a pulse. In all, it scored well on the taste and above average on the compelling factor but considerably low on the adventure factor. Still, it's definitely a do-over.
Ingredients: The winery's Web site didn't list percentages, but ingredients include chardonnay, moscato and chenin blanc
Do-over? Soitenly
Final Grade: B

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Anonymous said...

This was the wine we chose for our wedding. I think we had the '05. We still have 5 bottles of their red wine that we plan on holding onto for special occasions. . It was fantastic. I can't say I remember what the white tasted like...