Mâcon-Villages Cave du Lugny Chardonnay '06 (No. 125)

Country: France
Thoughts: Why yes, that is Mike Rowe dropping by for another milestone. I wish it was excellent reaction by me and the camera phone; sadly, my cover is blown by the little box in the upper right of the screen. Indeed, risking sobriety merely for the sake of judging wines is a dirty job, yet I carry on. So this milestone was retrieved during the same outing that netted the wonderful Rock Rabbit; if anything, this one carried more pressure, as it was one of Whole Foods' top 10 wines while the Rock Rabbit simply stood among many in the USA white rack. To me, the designations were misplaced. The chard, and oh how I've come to appreciate the French chards, was solid but unspectacular. It led off with a flowery but barely noticeable nose; what followed was a light and wistful drink with honey notes that stayed - and even intensified a bit - through the finish. Halfway through the sample, i.e., glass, it turned a bit drier, though that didn't impact the drink in any way; it just changed the scope a little bit. So while it was a gentle enough drink, and certainly worth the price, it doesn't approach the Drouhin, it's a decent enough wine in its own right.
Do-over? Whole Foods is a lot closer than Total Wine, so yes
Final Grade: B

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