Election night special: Robert Mondavi Winery Chardonnay '05

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: Those of you that know me and know my wife understand why wine was needed on Tuesday night. This was the second of two for the evening and, frankly, it was unrealistic to expect a Mondavi to live up to the standard that the Rock Rabbit had set. Even some of the highest-rated wines here would've had difficulty with that. As it were, the Mondavi - and may God rest his soul - failed on its own merits. The nose was disappointing, dominated by a grapiness. I had hoped for something better once I took a sip, but nothing much came of it - too mellow. The finish was lightly buttery, but I've come to accept that even that's too much for my liking. Beyond that, there was little else to share. It was just kind of there, helping the night pass. But I demand much more from my wine; that's why this receives a low grade.
Do-over? Not unless I have a compelling reason
Final Grade: C

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