Black Mountain Pinot Noir '07

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: If the label looks familiar, congratulations, you're a hardcore follower (and thanks for playing along). We tried the winery's pinot grigio back in May with less than stellar results. Undaunted - and with the promise of expanding my horizons ever so slightly - Kerry (this Kerry) recommended I give the pinot noir a whirl. I've heard so much about it, what with so much of the family in Oregon and all, but never pulled the trigger. Until tonight. And it was a most curious experience. My first sip was syrupy and, to my palate, buttery, though that sensation diminished in a few subsequent tries. (A thankful revelation, since my wife seemed to think I was nuts to find that wine buttery. But it was.) The craziest thing was the mouthfeel; the wine danced around the tongue a little bit then, unexpectedly, it felt the whole damn thing had crystalized. That really caught me off guard. The wine smoothed out nicely after a few sips and it was a fairly interesting experience. "It's an acquired taste," Kerry said. And, down the line, I could see myself acquiring such a taste.
Do-over? N/A
Final Grade: N/A

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