Rock Rabbit Sauvignon Blanc '06

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: Before tonight, I'd never been in Whole Foods before. My wife assured me that they had a good wine selection; so, in need of milk, I dropped by for the first time (and laughed heartily at the outrageous price for a gallon of organic two-percent milk). But while there, I saw this wine sitting in the USA section and decided to give it a go. At under $12, it certainly was the right price. And, I'm happy to say, it exceeded every expectation. As we've noted in several other sauvignon tests, there are certain characteristics that seem to run through the family: earthiness and minerality chief among them. But this one was different; the nose was fruity and fresh. So was the taste, which was mellow but surprisingly different. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't nearly as lush as even a typical pinot grigio; but it was light and refreshing, which many sauvignons are not. Moreover, the finish seemed to vary on each of the early sips; there was slight minerality, there was dryness, then there was just a fade that left you wanting for the next sip. In our grand experiment here, one of the hallmarks of a superb wine for me is a compelling taste, one that leaves you unable to wait for the next sip. This had it. And looking back among my highest-rated wines, this one would be a certain top-five pick and would likely crack the top three. A fantastic wine all around.
Do-over? I told my wife that if finances were not limited as they are, I would go back to Whole Foods and buy a case
Final Grade: A

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