Linden Late Harvest Vidal '04

Country: USA
Region: Virginia
Thoughts: No, I didn't know what vidal was either; our friend Nate assured us it was a solid dessert wine. So, in my mind, there was no better way to finish off my wife's superb apple crisp than with a dessert wine. (Vidal blanc, Wiki says, is primarily a northern grape because it can deal with the winter cold. Oh, and it's also really sweet and thus makes a good dessert wine.) Indeed, it was; I've tread lightly through the dessert wine category before, most notably with a flop from Chadds Ford. But this one was different; I can't help but wonder if maybe the Chadds Ford got a bad rap because I didn't drink as it was supposed to be enjoyed - with dessert. Still, the Linden was solid. The sweetness was there, of course, with a little grapiness. It wasn't overpowering, but that may well could have been because my taste buds were already primed for sweetness. The finish was a nice fadeout that, by itself, was barely noticeable; yet somehow it seemed to be a fitting end to a fun night with friends.
Do-over? In the right circumstance, yes
Final Grade: B

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