Chateau Coucheroy Pessac-Leognan '06

Country: France
Thoughts: This one was buried on the bottom row of the wine fridge. I don't know how it got lost down there and I don't remember buying it, but it seemed like a fine opportunity to give thanks for the chance to try and write about wine. Obviously there are more important things to be thankful for - a loving family, an incredible wife, a solid roof over our heads - and this is just one of many items. So thank you vintners and thank you technology! About this one: It's the rare wine you can smell from a mile away. I made no specific effort to get a whiff of the cork, it just happened; I didn't try to preview the nose when I brought the wine in from the kitchen, it just happened. So I did have a hint. When I went in for a closer inspection, the nose came alive with a strong dryness - so strong that I could only get one crack it before the sniffer was overwhelmed. On the tongue, it was smooth and the dryness from the nose held up; there was an undertone of grapiness, but it was moderate enough not to compete with the dryness. "It's like a mellow sauvignon blanc accented by a hint of sweetness," I wrote. There's good reason for that, I suppose, since the blend is mostly sauv with a little semillon for good measure. Before I started this grand experiment, I had a pre-formed idea of what a white wine would taste like; to me, this wine epitomizes that ideal. It's a solid drink and one I wouldn't hesitate to get again - if I remembered where I got it in the first place.
Ingredients: 90 percent sauvignon blanc, 10 percent semillon
Do-over? I would have no problem with that
Final Grade: B+

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