Antinori Champogrande Orvieto Classico '05

Country: Italy
Thoughts: The region and the terroir came highly recommended by my astute in-laws. Not so long ago, they said, an Italian restaurant in Bend offered selections from Orvieto Classico, and that recommendation was good enough for me. First, though, a note on the wine: The label seemed to indicate it was a blend of locally available grapes, though it didn't specify which ones - for shame. Still, it was a quality drink; the best way I could describe it is like this: pinot grigio on steroids. The lushness, the citrusness of your typical pinot grigio seemed to be there - but it was somehow amplified. There seemed to be a caramel characteristic to it, particularly in the finish. Said finish held long and made for a satisfying end to this winner.
Do-over? Yup
Final Grade: A-

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