Heron Chardonnay '06

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: It seems like there's a glut of highly-rated wines; there's a reason for it. With my in-laws picking up some selections for us, we're able to rely on what they've tried and what they've liked. When I'm buying, I'm mostly picking blindly, so there's a much better chance for a loser to slip in there. And this is another of those solid wines. The nose was oaky, hiding the fruitiness that abound when wine met tongue. There was fruitiness there, though it was pretty mellow at the same time. After a second or two of swishing it around, there was an odd sensation, almost like it was waxy. Obviously, it wasn't really waxy, but the mouthfeel was most unusual. Undaunted, I kept swirling and a dryness came in to play. The finish was mildly explosive, capping a solid wine indeed. (And yes, I chose the setting for the picture for the most immature of reasons. I can hear the Wheat Thins now: "Dude, are there any Twinkies around here?")
Do-over? Yup
Final Grade: A-

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