Chateau St. Jean Cabernet Sauvignon '06

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: OK, so it doesn't take a sommelier to know that I've departed from the norm here; I just want everyone to know that I try to keep an open mind about all wine. Yes, the secret is out: I tried a red. Oh, I've tried them before, but I've yet to find one that interests me enough to come back for more. So with my in-laws (wine-savvy in-laws at that) in for a visit, they tried this cab and pronounced it to be a good value and an excellent wine. I even had a bit myself, and tried the same process by which I've evaluated every wine on here. I only had a tiny bit; the nose was non-existent to me, though that very well could have been different with a full glass. The little nose I did get was musty, like an attic that hasn't been visited in more than a year. On the tongue, it was everything that had kept me from becoming a true believer in reds: sharp with a buttery aftertaste. I found zero complexity - again, possibly owing to my complete lack of experience - and a hard-edged, single flavor to it. I may yet stumble across a red that I can tolerate; but if this one - a wine hailed by people I trust - didn't do it for me, it's hard to imagine that there's one that will.
Do-over? N/A
Final Grade:N/A

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