Two Vines Columbia Crest White '06

Country: USA
Region: Washington
Thoughts: I must say kudos to my in-laws, who picked out nothing but winners from the wine shop at Wegman's (which, I'm proud to say, they thought was a pretty sweet place). This was a curious blend - the ingredients are below - which made for a very sweet yet floral nose. As usual, the scent gave hints of what was to come: It was indeed sweet tasting, but not to the level of a dessert wine or even a riesling. I was hoping for a better counterbalance with some dryness; there was some, but it wasn't anything I would really call "dry." I know it sounds stupid, but I'm thinking terms of degrees here - like on one end there's your super sweet wines and on the other there's your super dry wines and somewhere there's a midpoint. The primary flavors in this wine weren't on the extreme end, but a few notches away. So while it was perfectly acceptable to me, it wasn't anything that thrilled me.
Ingredients: The percentages weren't listed, but it included chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and semillon
Do-over? Yeah, I'd have no problem with that
Final Grade: B

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