Wolf Blass Presidents Selection Chardonnay '06

Country: Australia
Thoughts: Yes, it bugs the hell out of me that the name isn't Wolf Blass President's Selection Chardonnay. Just writing "Presidents" has no meaning... unless they mean something else what what I'm seeing. Sorry for the aside, but these things gnaw at me. Earlier in the night, while my wife and I were watching Ohio State-Penn State, she casually referred to the Lions as "we." I patiently explained why that also bugged the hell out of me - we're not on the sideline, we're not a part of the team, therefore no "we." Her alma mater, the University of Washington? Cool, that's acceptable. So is "we" for Moravian, my alma mater (and a 23-17 win over Juniata today, I might add). But not for Penn State, who neither of us has a connection to. She just chalked it up to one of my foibles... but I digress. I went with an Australian chard because I felt like it would be a whole lot more doable than the oaky chards from California. And it was - to a degree. With an untested tongue, I got an incredible array of flavors from the first sip: a quickly-fading apple which complemented a chalky nose. The wine was doing well until it hit the back half of my tongue, when it seemed to turn insanely dry and lead to a crisp finish. Since it was my first drink of the night, I'm willing to chalk it up to an unready palate. Anyway, it was an adventurous first sip, which gives it a solid rating initially. The problem was that the adventure didn't hold up for very long; by the second glass, I felt like what I was drinking was wholly non-descript and unworthy of the praise I had previously given it. It was an OK wine - I've definitely had better and I've certainly had worse.
Do-over? Only for instances in which there is no other alternative
Final Grade: C+

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