Hogue Pinot Grigio '07

Country: USA
Region: Washington
Thoughts: I've seen Hogue all over the place but never had much of a reason to try it; perhaps because I saw it all over the place was precisely the reason I didn't try it. But it got a healthy endorsement from the in-laws. "It's like a house wine for us," my father-in-law said. Indeed, it was pretty solid; it had all my favorite aspects of a pinot grigio - the fruitiness and the lushness - but it also seemed to have an underpinning of caramel as well. It was a very enjoyable drink and, if I remember right, the price is decent too. While the bigger bottles are more economical for us, I would have no problem with Hogue becoming our house wine, too.
Do-over? Certainly
Final Grade: B+

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