Soave La Cappuccina '07

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Bob, my father-in-law, seemed excited for me to try this Italian. It's not one I've heard of, but the back label said it was made of 100 percent garganega. Wiki says the grape can produce lemon, almond and spicy notes; I can't specifically remember any of those, but the nose was interesting in a floral sense. Like our other wine tonight, it had hints of oakiness - though not nearly as prominent as the viognier - and was also mellow and dry. The finish exacerbated the dryness, giving it a spritely feel as it went down the hatch. It was an interesting drink and it reminded me of a more hardy sort of chardonnay. At any rate, it was a good sipping wine and was easily enjoyable as the night closed by watching Boise State close out Hawaii.
Do-over? Yeah, I would say so
Final Grade: B+

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