Val do Sosego Albarino

Country: Spain
Thoughts: Once again, I'm honored to have a guest: It's my mother-in-law, Chris, who gamely volunteered to be part of the blog. She's holding a bottle of our latest Albarino, which didn't seem to show any vintage. Usually that's a concern, but I had remembered having a good experience with albarino in the past (though, as usual, my memory was a little hazy). Still, I rushed headlong into the albarino, expecting good things; I was only mildly disappointed. The nose was entirely too grapy, like I was burying my nose into a quart of Welch's. Eventually the nose tilted toward floral, after my nostrils had flown the white surrender flag. The taste was fairly crisp and was reminiscent of a light chard; a light, sparkly finish completed the drink. Though this one won't rate high (and neither did the last one, if you clicked the link), I continue to see promise in albarino. I'm confident that one day, I'll find one that blows me away.
Do-over? Not unless this becomes the high-water mark in my quest for stunning albarino
Final Grade: B-

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