Barboursville Virginia Chardonnay '06

Country: USA
Region: Virginia
Thoughts: In the past, we've had limited success with East Coast wines; the lone Virginia wine was less than a success. But I was willing to come back and try Virginia again, since Barboursville was the lone state winery represented in a massive Wine Spectator grading issue I had from several months back. The lesson being, for me anyway, is that if Wine Spectator judges it good enough to review, your damn right it's good enough for me to try. And I'm glad I did. Short of the Stags Leap, this was one of the best chards we've had the pleasure of trying. I remember the Picket Fence being strong and likeable, but I have to think this is even stronger. It was mellow, unoaked, and thoroughly enjoyable. It was crisp and dry, yet altogether drinkable. Really, it's hard to describe; other than to say that my wife - with a distinct West Coast bias - proclaimed it to be really good. We don't throw around A's very often, but this is most certainly in the discussion.
Do-over? Absolutely
Final Grade: A-

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