Trinchero Mary's Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc '05

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: I knew this one was going to be interesting from the get-go. I opened the bottle and, with the cork a foot away from my nose, I caught a whiff of what the wine had in store. As I sat on the La-Z-Boy and contemplated football, life and wine, I had the glass better than two feet from my nose. From time to time, I got a whiff. So I knew the bouquet was going to be loud, and it didn't disappoint when I stuck my nose in the glass. Yet it was a mild nose; the sweetness that I caught from so far away was readily apparent. That sweetness held up in the taste; really, it was nothing like the typical sauvignon blanc: no earthiness, no minerality in any aspect of the wine. Instead, it was sweet that turned drier as the glass got emptier. Still, it was a rather enjoyable wine, and I had absolutely no problem going back for a second glass.
Do-over? When I'm looking for a different kind of sauvignon blanc
Final Grade: B+

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