Tiefenbrunner Pinot Grigio '07

Country: Italy
Thoughts: Whoo-hoo, pinot grigio, one of my favorites. And straight from the heartland. This one's gonna wipe up, right? Uh, not quite. Since its purchase from Total Wine, it enjoyed a nice cooling off process in the wine fridge, which is supposed to keep wine from getting too cold and, thus, muting the flavors and the aromas. Despite that, this wine suffered from just that. I damn near stuck my nose underwine - if you will - just for a glimpse of what was to come. After several attempts, I was able to latch onto a familiar aroma. But I shouldn't have to work that hard. On the tongue it was much the same; lots of tiny flavors floating around here and there, but nothing that jumped out. How, exactly, am I supposed to make a judgment on a wine that's barely perceptible? I mean, yeah, it was a pinot grigio, and I like those a lot. But the standard in that group is lush flavor, characteristics that have to fight to get your attention. In this one, had any flavor even been impish, that would have made it a standout. The weather outside when I tried this? We were under a tornado warning (fortunately we had little more than threatening thunder and lightning, a bit of rain and a soft breeze). That pronouncement commands your attention. Sadly, nothing about this wine did.
Do-over? Nope, better options are available
Final Grade: C

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