Horse Heaven Hills Chardonnay '06

Country: USA
Region: Washington
Thoughts: Why, it's the lovely and talented Rebecca presenting the evening's wine. (In truth, I had a lot of wine, but all of them - except this one - have appeared before.) Rebecca and her husband, Andrew, came over for dinner tonight. This used to be a regular occurrence until the two of them moved back west to Phoenix. Luckily for us, they're in town this week, and we're able to share some time with them; how we do miss them, so I'm happy to enjoy as much of this week as possible. If I remember the chain of events correctly, my wife had passed along the link here to Rebecca, who shared it with Andrew. I asked which of them would want to appear in the blog, and Rebecca (was) gamely volunteered. Anyway, I picked this one up during wine shopping for tonight; it was a highly-rated selection (91 points, if you believe the little shelf cards at Total Wine) but at the very affordable price of under $15. The nose was fresh and gave little hints of flower and pine needles; but mostly it was light and challenging to get a full reading. On the tongue, it was light yet rather dry, moreso than many other chards (and there are a lot) on the list. The finish was slightly buttery - not enough to make me cringe - and again re-emphasized the dryness. Though it was a bit of a departure from the typical chard, it was a solid drink.
Do-over? Tough to beat the price
Final Grade: B+

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