Barons de Rothschild Lafite Bordeaux '06

Country: France
Thoughts: Fine, nitpickers, I realize that a white Bordeaux has nothing to do with Seattle Metro magazine or any of the 100 best wines of the Northwest (which really was only a boon to cab, pinot noir and syrah drinkers). But hey, I needed a different background. Luckily enough, the sentiment carries over as well. As one would expect from such a wine, it was a 60-40 blend of semillon and sauvignon blanc, and it shone brightly. I couldn't really grasp any sort of nose, which was a disappointment, so I had no clue as to what to expect. It started off really dry; I don't doubt that the wine I'd just finished had something to do with that. Despite that, it still had a semblance of balance to it and mellowed nicely as it got swished. It finished dry but not harshly; instead, it was more of a warm glow (and yes, nitpickers, I realize the difficulty of translating a visual into something tangible on the palette). But it was an excellent wine, one I'd have no problem picking up again. Though we couldn't remember, this selection may have come to us during a visit from Mark, my brother-in-law and new dad. (Let me also say publicly congrats to Mark and his wife, Maya, and may they rest assured that young Drake will never lack for sources of football knowledge). So, if this was Mark's pick, we owe him big-time. He got us a winner.
Ingredients: 60 percent semillon, 40 percent sauvignon blanc
Do-over? Yes, and we will be certain to toast our closest family in Idaho
Final Grade: A-

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