Caposaldo Pinot Grigio '07

Country: Italy
Thoughts: This was the wine I started off with, after the obligatory Yuengling, of course. (Though you all know I have taken this experiment seriously, I have yet to find a wine as dependable as our old friend Yuengling.) The nose on this was sweet, your usual hints of citrus came through. On the second attempt, it was noticeably musty; but I'm willing to chalk that up to some mistake I made. On the tongue it was pretty tropical (again, no surprise) but as I swished it around, it seemed to feel very light. The initial lushness faded quickly, and it turned a little too think for my liking. It mostly held together, though, and the finish was crisp - almost like what I'd expect from a sauvignon blanc. So while it was a typical pinot grigio - always good for me - I would've liked a little more weight, a little better mouthfeel.
Do-over? I could do either way
Final Grade: B-

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