Ovacion Verdejo-Viura '06

Country: Spain
Thoughts: A quick lesson in two minor grapes (assuming you're OK believing what's on Wikipedia): Verdejo is a grape concentrated in the Rueda region of Spain, where this is from. It's supposed to be aromatic, soft and full-bodied; it imparts some characteristics that remind you of sauvignon blanc. Viuri - which has a bunch of names, including Macabeo, which is how its referred to on Wiki - is primarily a complimentary grape, used in a blend or to make "young white wines suitable for early consumption," the entry reads. Well, somewhere along the line, one of the grapes failed to do its job. The hints of sauvignon blanc came through in the nose, but it was more rough and tumble than an SB. The nose was powerful, and you couldn't get away from the fact that there was an intense oakiness, almost to the point that it smelled like something had burned. (I checked, and nothing had actually burned, thankfully.) For all its nosy bluster, the taste was light; I didn't even note what was in there. But as it started, so to it ended: The finish was stout, big and again rough and tumble. It was like a sauvignon on steroids. Maybe that's good for a wine trying to bench 550, but I prefer something more manageable.
Do-over? No thanks
Final Grade: D

And with that, we're one away from the big 1-0-0. We will celebrate appropriately when the time comes...

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