Cono Sur Sauvignon Blanc '07

Country: Chile
Thoughts: First off, I have to apologize for the photo; it was taken in a bar, after all. I'll keep the pic in my e-mail and maybe I can lighten it up at work tomorrow. Photoshop is a wonderful program... Anyway, I don't really recall why this jumped off the wine list at me. Maybe it was because Chile is represented by only four other wines on here (only Germany has fewer) or maybe it just reminded me of Big Sur and the days of my youth when I naively thought a kid from landlocked Pennsylvania could be a kick-ass surfer. I dunno. No matter the reason, I'm glad I took the chance. It had all the elements of your normal sauv, but it was big and in your face; it was impossible to overlook all that it had to offer. The nose was bold and dominated by grasses and pine needles, yet it wasn't overwhelming. The taste was a tour de force of citrus at first, but mellowed nicely. The finish was intense - in a similar way as when it hit the tongue - but faded to the same grassiness from which it began. It rated very high on the adventure scale and, thus, gets a high grade overall. The clear class of the field of the now 18 sauvignon blancs we've tried.
Do-over? Absolutely
Final Grade: A-

EDIT to add that Photoshop is a wonderful tool...

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Anonymous said...

Nice! I've been eyeing this wine at our grocery store for quite some time! I think I'll go get a bottle tonight!