Meridian Chardonnay '06

Country: USA
Region: California
Thoughts: We finished up Thursday night strong, getting back to one of our more familiar varietals. Like the viognier below, the Meridian Chard was also rather unique, though it had a much better upside, I thought, than the viognier. The nose was a new one, a light sort of mint hit my nose, like I held my nose above a pack of really nice smelling Halls. There was also another element to it that I debated in my head for several minutes; there seemed to be a chalkiness to the bouquet, too, strange as it may seem. The taste was unusual too, smooth and dry; the finish was almost tart and definitely crisp. I thought that this was a taste that would take some getting used to, and luckily the orientation didn't last long. It was an intriguing drink, if for no other reason than it was something different; anyone can make a chard and oak the hell out of it, I suppose. So when one crosses in front of you that steps out of the norm, you're forced to take notice.
Do-over? Yes, I would say so
Final Grade: B+

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