CK Mondavi Willow Springs Pinot Grigio '07

Country: USA
Region: Napa
Thoughts: Obviously, we're about value here. The great majority of wines that we've gone over can be had for under $20; the few that aren't are a rare exception. So when you see the megasized jug like today's Mondavi - bought on sale by my wife - you may automatically think a lesser quality than, say, a smaller shop elsewhere in Napa. But we review each wine on its own merits; and if certain biases are brought beforehand, I do my best to make that clear. With no experience with Mondavi - that means any family member - we bring no biases here. (The only bias is with the sweet job I did installing our new dimmer, seen in the background. Borrowing a phrase from Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How domesticated am I? Let me count the ways...) Anyway, the wine spent the afternoon in the big fridge, so that may have lowered the volume on the nose - I found it to be very light and nearly impossible to pick out any distinct notes. It was equally mellow on the tongue, though hints of orange and vanilla popped up from time to time. Yes, the citrus is the hallmark of pinot grigio, but it really seemed to manifest itself in an orange flavor in this wine. Completing the theme, the finish was virtually unnoticeable as well. The character changed in the next few sips, as the wine seemed to get dryer. Though my wife said she was a fan, I - as often happens here - disagreed. It simply brought too little to the party.
Do-over? Maybe if it's on sale again - maybe
Final Grade: B-

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