Spier Discover Sweet '07

Country: South Africa
Thoughts: As noted in our previous stab at Spier, we stumbled upon the brand while touring through Total Wine a few months ago. We picked three that we liked; the chenin blanc earned a solid B. This one's a bit different; the name alone is confusing, but 'Discover' seems to be an offshoot of the regular Spier label (at least according to their site). So this is their sweet wine; it's a blend of some type, but the label didn't include the ingredients, the aforementioned site makes no reference to the '07 version of the wine and only the '04 vintage relays what's actually in there (Bukettraube and Weiser Riesling; the former isn't even spelled right, according to Wikipedia). So heaven only knows. Anyway, the nose was an unusual one, rather sugary - almost like if you'd take a hearty whiff of an open watermelon, but slightly more intense. The taste did quite a turnaround though, starting with a nice balance of sweet and dry; the more it swished around the back of my tongue, the more sweet it tasted. It went quite well with our pre-dinner crackers and bologna and, on the whole, was very drinkable. It fell short on the journey for me, however; though the dichotomy of the sweet/dry was the hallmark of the wine, it felt merely like they were representative flavors. I didn't feel encouraged to really try to figure out what the flavors were, as they only seemed to be sweet and dry. A major concern for our purposes here, but that shouldn't be taken as a slam.
Ingredients: Something sweet, something not quite as sweet and perhaps something else
Do-over? Sure; it's perfectly acceptable
Final Grade: B

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