Misterio Chardonnay '07

Country: Argentina
Thoughts: Of the 21 chards we've gone through, only five have been from outside the U.S. We're happy to make that six (and, at the same time, welcome the first Argentinian wine to the Trial); I even had the lede written (borrowing a newspaper term) before I tried the wine: Misterio, but really no mystery at all... But, as any sportswriter will attest, one of the worst things you can do is to write the lede in your head before you actually experience the story. So here they are, unrehearsed thoughts about the Misterio: The nose was floral, one could almost mistake it for a pinot grigio; and that, in my experience, was a welcome departure from the typical California chards; it only takes one whiff and you know what you're getting into. The taste was quite curious; on the front of the tongue, it was biting, almost acidic. Everywhere else, it was mellow and very subdued. The label claimed it was aged in oak, but it was hard to pick that out - as it was for most any other flavor. The finish was non-existent as well. My wife, in an anti-drinking state because of some recent maintenance at the dentist, tried it anyway and liked it. I did too, but felt like so much potential was unrealized.
Do-over? If it's on sale, sure, but it won't be a label I seek out
Final Grade: B

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