Longview Adelaide Hills Beau Sea Viognier '05

Country: Australia
Thoughts: Why yes, it was underserved grape night. Our first drink, as seen below, was the fume blanc (the second one listed here); there are only two other viogniers as well out of the now 101. This was an interesting wine, and not always in a good way. For some reason, my mind was thinking sweet when this one got ordered; my wife gently reminded me that that wasn't the case (must've been thinking riesling... hey, they both have lots of i's and e's). The nose was among the most interesting we've come across. It smelled fresh, like the aroma that hits you when you walk out to a dewey early morning. I think labeling it musty would be going a little far, but it did fall just short of that. On the tongue, it seemed rather one dimensional - and that one dimension wasn't all that alluring, either. There was a hint of something burnt, but that didn't stick around long. The finish was just kind of there.
Do-over? I'm certain we could find something better
Final Grade: C

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